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Advanced Computer Systems, founded in 1990, is a Systems Integrator and IT Service Provider specializing in Point-of-Sale Systems, LAN/WAN and Software Development.
Our I.T. Professionals are trained and proficient in Microsoft Retail Management Systems, Inventory Control Systems, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP Pro, MS Exchange, MS Office, Linux, UNIX, and other Windows applications.

We also do Custom Programming for various clients.
Our newly formed Advanced Web Services group is now ready to offer several web design, E-Commerce and web hosting services to various clients who want to avail of the latest in web technology. Please refer to our Web Services Page for a complete description of our suite of services.
We provide LAN & WAN design, installation, cabling and network management for small and mid-size firms. We offer on-site support and training on different application programs including internet applications.
ADVANCED Computer Systems sell Acer, Toshiba notebooks; Personal computers using components from industry leading manufacturers; Cisco Routers; HP and Lexmark printers and MFP's.

We now provide Back Up and Disaster Recovery Services thru our partnership with STORAGECRAFT. Companies facing a crashed server don't have a moment to waste, and we can help to recover data as fast as possible. Starting over just got easier. When companies want a restore, they want it fast and we can provide fast restore.

Say good-bye to the headache and hassle of "rebuild, restore, reboot" and say hello to a simpler and more complete data recovery. Our automated process saves you time and money by virtually eliminating configuration errors and simplifying both physical-to-physical (P2P) and physical-to-virtual (P2V) BMR.